This course is a fun way for kids to get an overview of the Bible. They will be able to read the Bible text in the Easy-To-Read translation. Each chapter is illustrated by a child and features a small selection from the Bible, a question about that part, other kids' answers (to promote discussion and ideas), a biblical commentary written for children to understand, a page where children are encouraged to draw a picture to go with an imagined newspaper headline, and a coloring page.

NOTE: When you are taking the course, you will find the quiz for each chapter/lesson by scrolling down below the PDF viewer while logged into the course and viewing a chapter/lesson.

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  Kids Color Me Bible: Old Testament
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  Kids Color Me Bible: New Testament
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Carey Kinsolving

Hi, I’m Carey Kinsolving.

It is astounding how much children like seeing what other kids have to say about God. Faith produces faith, and that’s especially true of children. They want to know about God, but they need an accessible way to learn. The Kids Color Me Bible invites children in, crayons in hand. From the bright, child-illustrated cover to the last of the 54 chapters, it’s a compelling journey.

Each chapter of this unique, interactive course includes a Bible story in the Easy-To-Read Version, a related question with answers from real kids, and a space for children to write their own answers to featured questions. After that, a kid-friendly commentary by Carey Kinsolving supplies real-life applications of the Bible story. Then, there is a newspaper-style page called the Heaven Herald with a headline about the Bible story and a nice open space for children to draw their own art. The headline and the open space will be irresistible. Most children will have the urge to draw a picture in that space! Even if they don't, each chapter also includes a coloring page of the same artwork that opened the chapter. 

We supply the book. Parents supply the crayons. Children supply the creativity!

Kids Color Me Bible
Finally, a storybook Bible illustrated by children!

One chapter of pages!
Each chapter is jam-packed!