Help Your Kids Develop a Heart for the Hurting People Around the World

Kids are in danger of being influenced by our self-centered, me-first culture. You want to guide them, but without nagging. What if there were a fun, affirming way to bring positive values to life in your children? With the Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids online course, kids can join 12-year-old Jesse in Kenya to experience the mission work there! In the first segment alone, they will meet orphaned baby elephants, join a celebration of rural widows who have just been gifted with new milk goats, and visit some Christian schools helped by a blind American missionary who drills water wells to provide clean, safe drinking water. Your kids can develop a fresh appreciation for what they already have and learn to show the love of Christ so that others will be open to receive the gospel of God’s saving grace.

Let Wild African Animals Teach Your Kids Lessons About the Lord and the Christian Life in This 12-Part Video-Based Online Course!

What wild, African animal did 12-year-old Jesse kiss on the lips?

Find out in this 2-minute trailer!

Kids Are Exploring Mission Work in Kenya, Africa Without Leaving Home!

  • Experience the wild lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos and wildebeests of the Masai Mara Reserve.
  • Learn some Swahili words and phrases.
  • Explore schools and hospitals started by missionaries.
  • Visit a Masai village and learn how they build their huts.
  • Go snorkeling amidst the tropical fish in the Indian Ocean.
  • Discover a ministry that uses gigantic trucks to reach out to people in remote areas.
  • Explore some of the main industries in Kenya by visiting a tea farm, a flower farm and a high-end safari resort.
  • Talk to a former janitor who is now an eye surgeon.
  • Interview a pediatrician who predicted when she was 7 years old what she would be doing in Africa.
  • Ride an ATV among the wild giraffes.
  • Meet some multi-generational missionaries who have had family members serving in Kenya for more than 100 years.
  • Visit an international school that’s become a “greenhouse for missionaries.”
  • Discover what ministry looks like in some of the poorest slum areas in Africa.
  • Hand-feed some protected Rothschild’s giraffes, endangered bongo antelope and real ostriches.

Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids takes children on an adventure in missions! Don't miss this opportunity for your children to learn about foreign missions while being challenged to spread the gospel right here at home.

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I hope that you will consider doing this for and with your kids.

Grace & Peace,

Carey Kinsolving -- The Good News Journalist

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Unlock The Full Missionary Journey!

Hi, I’m Carey Kinsolving, director/producer of Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids.

These days, a lot of kids feel disconnected from Christian mission work. They don’t know exactly what it is that missionaries do, why it’s needed or how it relates to them. They grow up not having a heart for missions, not supporting missions and not participating in missions.

Children who experience Mission Explorers Kenya for Kids will understand the gospel, own their faith and develop a heart for missions. They will learn that missionaries are so much more than the little prayer cards on the fridge. They will get excited about supporting missions and serving God, in spite of the barriers and challenges they may face. They will be inspired by what it looks like to truly love others.

a rural mission school in Kenya
A Mission School in Rural Kenya

Jesse greets the friendly students at a rural mission school in Kenya. What did he learn there?

Maasai widows sing

The Maasai Widows

Jesse joins in a special song with the Maasai widows after he helped to serve them lunch.

orphan baby elephant

Big Little Orphans

Jesse gets up-close and personal with one of the orphan baby elephants rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.